Self Love // Weight Doesn’t Determine Your Worth


The scale doesn’t typically stay the same. Weight can fluctuate in varying degrees. Sometimes I look in the mirror and scrutinize myself about what I want to change and what doesn’t seem good enough. Sometimes, it’s the unhealthy opposite of that. If i’ve made any headway in my journey to being healthy, I look in the mirror with pride about how I’m coming along, as if I’m a better person because I lost a few pounds or inches.

I’m not saying that hard work and discipline shouldn’t be celebrated. I think that those are amazing traits to have and to take pride in. However, the number on the scale shouldn’t determine our level of self-worthiness. Losing or gaining 5 pounds doesn’t make us any more or any less valuable.

I was talking to a friend of mine, and she was talking about making a mental switch in terms of working out. We tend to work out because we want to fix ourselves. We want to fix our abs, our untoned arms, and the whole 9 yards. But, rather than doing something healthy like working out in an unhealthy way (self-loathing), maybe we need to shift our thinking to working out because we LOVE ourselves. We LOVE and RESPECT our bodies so we want to do things that make us feel better. That sounds more appealing to me than shaming myself about what I need to change, which in so many ways, is translated into not being good enough, or worthy enough.

I’ve decided that from now on, when I’m preparing to work out, I’m not going to put myself in ‘beast mode.’ I’m simply going to love my body where it is and do something for the love of it.


Live Fit Day Three


Today was Day Three and I’m feeling grrreeeat…sore, but great! It was all legs and calves. I did a crap ton of squats, a few different kinds actually. I had to do a few variations for some of the exercises because I doing it all at home. For example, instead of the barbell squats, I did something like this:

If you don’t have a gym membership, you have to make do with what you have.

Live Fit Phase 1, Day 2


My plan was to workout once I wake up in the morning. That didn’t work yesterday. However, I made sure I got my workout in before I went to bed. In order to change, I have to be committed to this, and committed to myself.

It’s funny how we tend to go out of the way for others but won’t quickly do the same for ourselves. Through this journey of self-love and self-care, I’m learning how true it is that I have to love and care for me in the same way that I love and care for others. No wonder why airlines say, “…should that cabin lose pressure, please apply the mask to yourself before assisting others.”



Yesterday was back and biceps, and boooyyyy did I feel it. I’m still sore from Day One! At least I know that I’m doing something right. After my workout, I ate half of a banana and drank some water. I must say, I’m feeling pretty accomplished.