Outfit // Watercolor Peplum


Jeans Jacket: Thrifted

Shoes: Target (from forever ago)

Pants: Target

Top: TJ Maxx

Outfit2 5_16_14

One of my 500,000 (mild exaggeration) god children graduated from Kindergarten. For some reason, this morning, Jason and I were on serious Jamaican people time. Fortunately, we got there while he was still sitting with his classmates so I could get a photo of him. He was so proud of himself, sitting up there with his piercing blue eyes that was intensified by his blue shirt, holding his diploma. It wouldn’t have been E if he wasn’t wearing a tie with skulls and cross bones.

Seeing E at his graduation made me reminisce a bit. I remembered the age of simple delights like cookies, playing on the playground, loving all of your teachers (I mean, what kindergartener didn’t?), and falling asleep in the car and having your mom carry you in the house. Ah, those were simpler times.

OOTD3 5_16_14

The first time I saw this top, it was actually from a distance.  I thought it was a floral print, but when I got up close, I realized it was more like watercolor. I also really love the pleating on the bottom portion of the top because it adds a bit more structure to it.

Outfit1 5_16_14



Hello, Friends!

1. I’m back! Boy, it’s been crazy ’round here. But I’ve missed blogging, so, hello!

Photo Credit: Blue Cow Creative

2. I’ve finally made some headway with my decor. Hopefully I will hurry and finish some things before I change my mind again. What I do need in my life is this light fixture. I NEED THIS. Yes. Need.

Photo Credit: Shades of Light

3. I dyed my hair blue black. But a new fun color is coming very soon!

Blue Black Hair

4. I finally went to my local aquarium. Jellyfish are beautiful. Butterflies scare me. I ran through the butterfly room…hahaha…sigh.


5. I had a chance to meet a beautiful friend in person…finally. It was like we always knew each other.

Natalie and Satoya

6. Milo learned karate.

Milo doing karate

I’m so excited to be back with you all. There’s so much to talk about! ‘Till next time.


Natural Eyebrows w/ Tarte

Image Source

I feel like I should start with something deep like, “The eyes are the window to the soul and your eyebrows are the curtains…” I just made that up. Anyway, well groomed eyebrows really make a huge difference on your overall look. Some people have thick brows, some people don’t. I fall into the don’t category. As much as I would rather have a unibrow so I can shape my eyebrows how I want, that ain’t what I got. I naturally have lightly colored eyebrows to the point where you can’t actually tell they are there sometimes. To remedy this, I have to fill them in. There are tons of methods for filling in eyebrows, with sculpted brows a very popular version these days. But if you are like me, and don’t always want the sculpted brow look, then you may want to give this product a try.

I blogged about it (here) a few months ago as a beauty product that I want to try out. I picked it up shortly before going to Jamaica (W.I. not Jamaica, Queens) because I knew that it would be hot but wouldn’t want my eyebrows to melt away into oblivion. I have to say, this thang worked like a dream. I was in and out of the pool, I worked out, on the beach, and consumed by the general heat yet my brows didn’t budge or smear!

This product is a bit on the pricer side being that it’s 28 bucks for 0.10 oz, however, a little bit really does go a long way.

Check out this before and after.


You will need a few minutes for the product to set. As soon as it does, you’re good as gold. OH! And I forgot to mention, it actually comes with the double-sided angled brush and spoolie which is helpful for grooming and blending.

What method do you use for your brows?

Beauty & Personal Style Goals for 2014

Image Source
Image Source

Over the last few months, I’ve had a lot of things going on which made style the LAST thing I was thinking about. I don’t take pride in looking frumpy but sometimes you have to do the bare minimum to get by. At this point, I’m ready to jump back into the fun of wearing what I love and loving what I wear. I’ve made a few goals for myself in regards to my personal style.  After looking back on a bunch of pictures, I noticed that over the years, I don’t wear as much jewelry as I use to. For the most part, I don’t like wearing a ton of accessories at once, but seriously?! This is getting a bit ridiculous. I have enough accessories to open a small store.

In general, I think most women don’t want to waste a good outfit but I’ve decided I don’t want to live my personal style life by the number of outfits wasted. I’m deciding to wear what I want to wear because I want to wear it when I want to wear it why I want to wear it and how I want to wear it…whew.

So, these are my personal style and beauty goals….in no particular order:

– Wear more jewelry
– Wear heels more often
– Get rid of closet items that I don’t love
– Organize beauty products
– Get fitted for contacts
– Add more skirts to my wardrobe
– Get rid of products I’m not using or don’t love
– Acquire a few evening/cocktail dresses

What are your personal style and/or beauty goals for 2014?