Happy Valentines Day, Friends

Just sharing some love and appreciation for all of you incredible folks. I hope this day is filled with love, good food, and great times. I leave you with a classic jazz piece: My Funny Valentine sung by Sarah Vaughan. XOXOXOXO

Summer NAMM Show


I went to the Summer NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) in Nashville, TN this past weekend. It was located at the Nashville Music City Center.


As we were walking in to register, we all noticed this dude with a-mazing hair and a 12 string bass. Why would that many strings ever be necessary?!


There were tons of vendors at the show with some pretty cool looking instruments. There were a few vocal booths as well.




Of course I managed to bump into a few beautiful natural ladies (Insert an obnoxiously exited wave- I hope you gals get to see this).








Here’s my beautiful husband taking a spin on the bajillion string bass.


I worked up the nerve to ask the awesome haired dude if I could take a picture of him and he obliged (thanks)! When I asked him what he does to his hair, he replied in a nonchalant voice, “I wake up this way.”


Brandy: Live at Riverbend


Riverbend is a music festival that takes place every summer in Tennessee. I was fortunate to see Brandy’s live p

erformance and it was pretty amazing. She gave me everything I was looking for all the way from her first album to her current album. She also killed her tribute songs to Whitney Houston. Her performance was vibrant, fun, and showcased her musical excellence.

Here’s a sneak peak of her performance:

And here is her Whitney Houston Tribute:

Brandy’s sultry voice always has me singing and dancing along. I cannot think of R&B without think of her. It was an amazing show. I ran into her background dancers and a few of her musicians at the airport and was compelled to let them know how amazing it was! I wish I had time to take a photo but planes wait for no man.

The only thing I was missing from this show was background singers. I love hearing the texture of other voices along with the featured voice. Also, the way the outdoor venue was set up,the audience couldn’t connect with Brandy because there was literally a river between. That aside, it was an aMAZing performance. For the record, Brandy should really consider doing a live DVD…just sayin’.