Chattanooga Fashion Week Recap

CHA Fashion Week
The Hunter Museum of American Art
View from the Hunter Museum Rooftop
View from the Hunter Museum Rooftop
View from the Hunter Museum Rooftop
View from the Hunter Museum Rooftop

Chattanooga Fashion Week had another successful year, holding its second event here in Chattanooga, TN. The runway event was held on the rooftop of The Hunter Museum of American Art. The venue was absolutely beautiful and the view was lovely as well.

The Children’s Runway Show came up first featuring designs from Accessorize by Monsoon, Blue Eyes & Bare Feet, Southern Grace, and Sada Fashions. Those kiddos were absolutely adorable. I appreciate that the kids looked like children. They had age appropriate makeup and charmed everyone as they galavanted down the runway. There also gave a little sneak peak on the collections that we’d be seeing later in the evening.

430 Runway

Makeup and Models Backstage
Two cutie patooties striking a pose backstage.

The Grand Finale took place later on that evening. The pieces were a mixture between of Evening wear, Lingerie, Swimwear, and Ready to Wear Casual/Formal pieces.

There were 7 designers present: Jenna Colina, Francine Elizabeth Designs, Yatra, Odelia Rouse, Vic & Kimchi, Navy & Pearls, and Ajnel.

Jenna Colina
Jenna Colina

Jenna Colina’s line of swimwear was not your conventional swimwear. She has many different style options to choose from, which is great so you can find one that compliments your body type easily. She custom makes swimwear as well, which would be most necessary for women that are ‘gifted’ in the mammary department.


Following the Jenna Colina  Swimwear line was a global/india inspired ready to wear line called Yatra. This collection featured a lot of tunics and fabrics with shine and bold patterns.

FrancineElizabeth Designs

Francine Elizabeth Designs collection consisted of a lot of cocktail-esque dresses with lace detailing along with metallic, camel, and bold statements of color.

Navy & Pearls

The Navy & Pearls collection had a lot of southern charm to it. Every piece from this line had a very feminine feel. My personal style isn’t super feminine but I could see myself wearing some of the dresses with a leather jacket to toughen it up a bit.

Odelia Rouse

The emphasis of the Odelia Rose line was bold color, mixing prints, and mixing textures. I could tell that this line was meant to be daring, bold, and sassy. She also used one of my absolute favorite neutrals…Leopard Print!

Vic & Kimchi

One of the runway announcers gave us a good heads up on what he called “a super conservative line; something that could be worn to church.” It was a good laugh because the next presentation was a lingerie line by Vic & Kimchi. They seemed to have thought out of the box with their negligé. I don’t personally wear undergarments that I may possibly need instruction for, however, there was a model with a faux hawk that KILLED it on the runway.


The Ajnel Collection had a certain amount of whimsy to it. A few pieces reminded me of a fairy tale, while some of the other dresses can be worn to a cocktail party.

My favorite things about Chattanooga Fashion Week was the diversity of shapes, shades, and sizes represented. There were women with beautiful deep mahogany skin, lovely olive tones, and pretty porcelain skin tones. There were hourglass, pear, apple shaped women, and any other fruit you could think of. There were also children and women with beautiful straight hair, regal coils, and everything in between.

Gage Talent Agency did an amazing job of highlighting beauty in a diverse and cognizant way. Their intentionality in making sure that many different types of women were represented is not only a step in the right direction for the fashion industry, but for women in general.


Rick Owens Paris Fashion Week Show Took Runway Diversity To A Whole New Level

I thought this Huffington Post article was pretty freakin’ awesome. Racial Diversity + Real Figured Women= Awesomeness. Yes, I said awesome 2 times, well 3 times. It’s just that freakin’ awesome (4 times).

Rick Owens Paris Fashion Week Show Took Runway Diversity To A Whole New Level.

Chattanooga Fashion Week


There have been many songs written about Tennessee, its beautiful landscape and the Choo Choo. But those aren’t the only amazing things about it. If you know anything about Chattanooga, it is a progressively artistic and creative city that is growing and thriving.

Last year, Chattanooga displayed its growing artistic culture by holding its first ever Fashion Week, showcasing talented local designers, models, and stylists. And this year is no exception!

I will be attending Chattanooga Fashion Week this year to cover the festivities, designs, and I may even indulge in some cupcakes and lemonade at Monsoon (which is a Chattanooga Fashion Week event).

Chattanooga Fashion Week


Chattanooga Fashion Week will be held on October 2, 2013 through to October 5, 2013. There will be an event for designers, an event for Autism Awareness, and much more! The week events will conclude with a series of scheduled events which will include a runway show. For the schedule, click here.