Happy Blogiversary!

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I can’t believe that it has been an entire year! This has been one of the most exciting journeys I’ve taken and this lovely road still continues. I’ve had the privilege of meeting (via world wide web) some very inspirational, beautiful, cheeky, tenacious folks. I have a lot of fun things in the works that I am super excited about and I hope that you will stay for the ride. Thank you all for your support, encouragement, kind words, internet hugs, and smiling emoticon faces.


Fushion Juicer Review







This is the juicer I’ve been using to make my green juices. I purchased this juicer at Walmart for about $120. It was worth every penny. I use to frequent Whole Foods to get their Green Goddess drinks but now I can make them at home; although I don’t frequent Whole Foods any less…haha.


The ingredients for the Green Juice are apples (I use at least 3 apples for sweetness), cucumber, kale, celery, and romaine. Sometimes I add spinach as well.

This part catches the pulp.This part does the juicing on the inside.
This part does the juicing on the inside.

IMG_1039This juicer is one of the most quiet juicers I’ve every used or seen. There is very minimal pulp in the juice after use. I know that one important part of juicing is the ease of use and cleanup. Lucky for you, this juicer is crazy easy to clean. You pull it apart and everything except for the base can go into the top rack of your dishwasher! Word of caution: Try and clean it soon after use so that the pulp left behind doesn’t dry. It’s easier to rinse it immediately and toss it into the dishwasher. You may also need a cleaning brush just to clean the blades. This barely takes about 2 minutes.




Hey Friends! I’ve had a lot of things going on in the last week that I must take care of so I won’t be blogging for about the next 2 weeks or so. Although I won’t be posting anything, I’ll be keeping up to date on your blogs and other happenings. See you soon!


One Drop

Ripple Effect


I had the privilege of having dinner with a really great friend last night. Every time I leave her, I’m able to find more beauty in life and mankind. Let me tell you why. My friend and her husband experienced an extremely difficult loss on April 25, 2013. They met their sweet daughter much sooner than intended. They loved her in the most humbling and beautiful way that a parent loves their child and had to say goodbye in the same moment. Through their personal loss, she is starting a support group for women dealing with loss and infertility. With everything that their family has been through, she is extending her love and support to others. What could be more redeeming than that?

Sometimes we treat our lives as if our desires are the only thing that matter and our decisions don’t effect others. We don’t realize that we can actually have an affect on the world. That one decision to smile at a stranger, to be kind when no one notices, or to reach out to people in need in the face of your own suffering has a ripple effect. As much as western culture would like for us to believe that we are all independent, this simply is not true in the grand scheme of things. We are all woven together in this beautiful tapestry called Life. It isn’t always simple or easy, but the one thing we do have is each other. I’m not naive, not every person has good intentions, however, there are also very good people with good hearts out there as well. Learn to love and be loved. Give and receive. Support and be supported.

This is a beautiful explosion of a life-giving lesson that I’ve been able to learn through the life of a wee little one and her parents. I hope that a piece of our interlocked life was able to give you a glimmer of hope.


P.S. You can check out their blog here.