Our Ampersand Photography Workshop


Yesterday, I went to a photography workshop by Jaime of Our Ampersand Photography held by The Chattery at an amazing clothing boutique called Fredonia Provision for Women.

Jaime is not only a photographer, but she is a fun and unapologetic style blogger. You can find her sassy self over at her blog ‘She Wore It Anyways.’

The workshop was such an amazing experience. I thought I was going there to simply learn about photography, but I gained so much more. Jaime gave a lot of insight in terms of using the camera as a tool, but what she really instilled in me was taking confidence as I learn to develop a discerning eye with taking my own shots.

Now that I’m armed with my camera and amazing info from the workshop, I’m excited about improving my photography quality for both my blog and other endeavors.

Follow Jaime on Instagram @ Our_Ampersand_Photo.


PCOS Awareness

PCOS Awareness

Photographer Annalisa Hackleman of Snapshot Ninja Photography is in the process of creating a photo book of PCOSers and their stories in order to raise support and awareness for a disorder that affects approximately 5 million women in the US of childbearing age.

Annalisa is currently looking to raise support for the process of creating this book. You can find her here.

If you have or suspect you have PCOS and are looking for support, please check out PCOSAA.org and join the community!