“Gwaan Tessanne”

For anyone the follows The Voice, I’m certain that you saw Tessanne snag all 4 judges with her rendition of ‘Try’ by Pink. I’m also certain that if you are Jamaican or of Jamaican decent, you couldn’t help but have a certain level of pride to see Jamaican represented well. (Insert all types of “RAAEEEEE!!!” “BAAP BAAP BAAP” “SHE SONG TUNN UP” here)

Tessanne Chin is no novice. She has been performing for years; she even stated in her audition that it’s her bread and butter… as it should be. If you didn’t get a chance to watch her audition, take a look. Also, show your support. Like her on Facebook—-> HERE


2012 Soul Train Awards

I may a little late but I JUST now saw the BET Soul Train Awards and I was dumbfounded by BeyoncĂ©’s outfit. I know that many people are into the jumpsuits and such, but I am not one of them. I personally haven’t seen them flatter anyone’s shape. The most distracting thing was the belt. I don’t know if anyone else noticed, but I could NOT stop staring at the fingerprints on it! I suppose if you are going to wear something like that, you’d have to make sure that it doesn’t look like the cops used your belt to book criminals. I should add this disclaimer: I am not by any means speaking about BeyoncĂ©’s talent. She is very talented. I am only talking about this particular outfit.

ImageOther than some of the very questionable outfit choices at this award, my favorite part by far was D’Angelo’s performance. Wooo what a come back! He put the key in and locked that thang! The groove was killin’ and the band was tight. The background singers were also amazing. Ok… that is all.