Product Review: Curl Junkie

Curl Junkie Hibiscus & Banana Deep Fix

Temperance (my hair) has been going through a dry season over the last few months so I tried this deep conditioner by Curl Junkie. It’s a pretty popular conditioner that’s gotten some rave reviews so I decided to try it out for myself.

Curl Junkie Hibiscus & Banana Deep Fix Texture Shot


I used it on clean wet hair and I went through less than 1/4th of the product. It smoothed on pretty well. My hair softened almost instantaneously. However, this product didn’t give me a ton of slip to detangle with. If you like a ton of slip while detangling, you may need a rinse out conditioner. I forewent the rinse out and went straight to my leave-in with not much of a problem. If you don’t mix your own deep conditioners, this product could work for you as well.

Let me cut to the chase. Here are my pros and cons:

-Very moisturizing
-You don’t have to use a rinse out.
-For my Non-mixtress Naturals:All the deep conditioning you need is in the one container
-If you like Tropical Banana scents, this would be a pro for you

-I don’t like Tropical Banana scents so I pretty much hate the way it smells
-A little pricey at 8oz. for $20 plus shipping if your total order is under $100

If you don’t mind paying 20 bucks for 8oz of product and if you love the smell of floral-ish bananas, this may be for you. I, however, will not be ordering this product again. Love the moisture, but REALLY hate the smell.

Have you named your hair?
Do you have any staple deep conditioning treatments? Do share!


The Joys of Shrinkage

Shrinkage Post 9:23:13

Many of us natural haired gals take issue with shrinkage. I understand the frustration that shrinkage can bring. On more than one occasion, I’m asked the question, “How long is your hair?” I’ll show them with my hand, and in disbelief, they typically reply with a “Really?” Then I typically take down a piece of my hair, stretch it out, and they are amazed. Then I say, “Shrinkage.”

When you’re a new natural that wants to surpass the TWA (teeny weeny afro) phase, shrinkage is THE single most frustrating thing in the world. But the longer that my hair has become, I’ve actually learned to appreciate shrinkage.

“Why would anyone like shrinkage? That’s dumb.”

The thing is, women ‘go natural’ for many different reasons; versatility being one of those reasons. And the truth is, shrinkage is included in the joy of natural hair versatility! Think about it. When you’ve reach your curly tresses have reached your desired length, you have the luxury of styling your hair at different lengths!

For example: You can do a regular wash & go and depending on how much shrinkage you get, you can have a cute short style.

You can do a twist/braid out on wet hair (which will come out shorter than a dry twist/braid out) and have a cute mid-length twist/braid out.

You can also take that wash & go, twist/braid out, blow out your roots for additional length.

Or you can flat iron it and rock a straight look.

It’s called a ‘Natural Hair Journey’ for a reason. With patience and TLC, your kinky/curly/coily/wavy tresses will reach your desired length goal. Until then, here’s a fun little video to keep you entertained.

Hair of the Day

Hair of the Day 5:15:13

WASH AND GO WEATHER!!!!! I was VERY excited about it. What products did I use to achieve this style? Tresemme Naturals Moisturizing Conditioner. That’s it. I finger detangled my hair under the water with the conditioner. Then I generously reapplied it by finger raking the conditioner through my hair, doing a little shake and shimmy, and that was it!

P.S. It was 84 degrees.