Good Things Happen


Fairly recently, Jason and I went to a late showing of Superman. We were pretty excited to be out together since we’d both been working a lot. Next thing you know, the screen started going crazy and the sounds didn’t match. We waited for almost 30 minutes for them to fix the situation. We looked at each other with the ummmm…it may be time to get up out of here and get our money back face. Next thing we knew, they gave us free movie tickets. Forward to today. I went to buy a few things at Walgreens and guess what I found? Those movie tickets! I tucked them away in my wallet so I wouldn’t lose them. Well, I didn’t lose them, but I totally forgot they existed. I reminded Jason and we both resounded with a synonymous “DATE NIGHT!!!!” Then we committed to a high five.

My only point in sharing this is that good things happen. And then we forget. But when we remember, it’s all the more sweet! I’ll be randomly sharing things like these because I think that it’s important to both remember and acknowledge the good things that happen. It’s way too easy to complain. So I want to make a habit of gratitude.

What good things have happened for you this week?


Forgive my transgressions…

Oxtail, Rice and Peas, Steamed Cabbage
Oxtail, Rice and Peas, Steamed Cabbage
Curry Goat, White Rice, Plantain
Curry Goat, White Rice, Plantain

I have a confession to make…ready? Ok, I had rice. I know I know I know…it’s not Paleo. I was very aware of what I was doing. I’m not going to¬†justify my decision though. Maybe a ¬†little justification. You see, I’m a first generation Jamaican American child. My husband and I went to Atlanta for a short vacation and since we don’t have any restaurants, we indulged. I will say, I feel horrible. Not because I ate it, but because I think I’ve been eating so well for a while and haven’t had rice in at least a month…but boy was it DELISH! We shared oxtail, rice and peas, curry goat, white rice, plantain, and steam cabbage. (Don’t get me wrong, I can cook but sometimes you just need a good spot to grub). Woohoo….late thanksgiving for us. I didn’t OD (overdose, over do- whichever tickles your fancy) on Thanksgiving, partially because I didn’t have JA food to indulge completely.

Since I had my indiscretion today, I realized how beneficial this Paleo lifestyle has been for me. I haven’t felt a “stomach ache” in a really long time. I also have had more energy, and I’ve been losing weight. Before our little vaca, I just went into the 160’s. Ha…not after how I ate today.

One very important things though, after any indiscretion, don’t feel like when you fall off the wagon, you have to go all out. Eat right and living a healthy life is determined by EACH choice you make. Had a cookie? Oops. Next choice, have a salad and some grilled chicken. That easy. Part of loving yourself is giving yourself the grace to get back on it.