Hello, Friends!

1. I’m back! Boy, it’s been crazy ’round here. But I’ve missed blogging, so, hello!

Photo Credit: Blue Cow Creative

2. I’ve finally made some headway with my decor. Hopefully I will hurry and finish some things before I change my mind again. What I do need in my life is this light fixture. I NEED THIS. Yes. Need.

Photo Credit: Shades of Light

3. I dyed my hair blue black. But a new fun color is coming very soon!

Blue Black Hair

4. I finally went to my local aquarium. Jellyfish are beautiful. Butterflies scare me. I ran through the butterfly room…hahaha…sigh.


5. I had a chance to meet a beautiful friend in person…finally. It was like we always knew each other.

Natalie and Satoya

6. Milo learned karate.

Milo doing karate

I’m so excited to be back with you all. There’s so much to talk about! ‘Till next time.



Living in the Moment…

Salad + Gluten Free Pasta
I forgot to take a picture of my beautiful friend, but we’re having a great time living.

…has been a motto of mine for quite sometime. It isn’t because I have perfected this idea; it’s more of a reminder for me. I had a very recent conversation where we touched briefly on community and connection. I know that social media and the internet can get a bad rep sometimes, however, it is very true that sometimes we can achieve a false sense of connection through the internet.

I have never really been good at living in the moment. When I was a kid, I suffered through very severe abuse at home so my remedy for that was to completely displace my mental state with a future moment or idea of not being in pain. Thus, me having issues with being present.

I work very hard at this idea. Being present. This is where I am. This is what I’m doing. This is who I’m with. Although I love social media and the ability to ‘connect’ with others across the globe,¬†practicing the act of being where I am and disconnecting from the web, to connect with an actual living, breathing human being is a discipline I never hope to lose sight of.

Pictures are very important. When you ask many people what they’d take from their house if they knew their family was safe, they’d say their pictures. But at times, it’s okay if you’ve forgotten to take a picture because you were living the moment.

I hope to always bask in the beauty of writing a letter or a card, taking a walk, experiencing laughter that lives outside of an ‘LOL,’ and sharing a meal.


Good Things Happen: Chocolate


Of course, chocolate. Because, when is chocolate never good?

After a particularly difficult night last week, I was give this sweet little box of chocolates from a friend who simply wanted to brighten my day. She went somewhere with her husband and brought back a little token, just for me.

You can call me naive if you’d like; which would be the farthest thing from the truth. I digress. But I like to believe that there is someone, somewhere, at some point and time that is thinking of you. Someone, somewhere is having good thoughts and sending well wishes to you from their heart. Take heart in knowing that you are completely loved by someone, somewhere.


Happy Blogiversary!

Image Source
Image Source

I can’t believe that it has been an entire year! This has been one of the most exciting journeys I’ve taken and this lovely road still continues. I’ve had the privilege of meeting (via world wide web) some very inspirational, beautiful, cheeky, tenacious folks. I have a lot of fun things in the works that I am super excited about and I hope that you will stay for the ride. Thank you all for your support, encouragement, kind words, internet hugs, and smiling emoticon faces.