Natural Eyebrows w/ Tarte

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I feel like I should start with something deep like, “The eyes are the window to the soul and your eyebrows are the curtains…” I just made that up. Anyway, well groomed eyebrows really make a huge difference on your overall look. Some people have thick brows, some people don’t. I fall into the don’t category. As much as I would rather have a unibrow so I can shape my eyebrows how I want, that ain’t what I got.┬áI naturally have lightly colored eyebrows to the point where you can’t actually tell they are there sometimes. To remedy this, I have to fill them in. There are tons of methods for filling in eyebrows, with sculpted brows a very popular version these days. But if you are like me, and don’t always want the sculpted brow look, then you may want to give this product a try.

I blogged about it (here) a few months ago as a beauty product that I want to try out. I picked it up shortly before going to Jamaica (W.I. not Jamaica, Queens) because I knew that it would be hot but wouldn’t want my eyebrows to melt away into oblivion. I have to say, this thang worked like a dream. I was in and out of the pool, I worked out, on the beach, and consumed by the general heat yet my brows didn’t budge or smear!

This product is a bit on the pricer side being that it’s 28 bucks for 0.10 oz, however, a little bit really does go a long way.

Check out this before and after.


You will need a few minutes for the product to set. As soon as it does, you’re good as gold. OH! And I forgot to mention, it actually comes with the double-sided angled brush and spoolie which is helpful for grooming and blending.

What method do you use for your brows?


2.16.14// Simple Sundays

old navy shirt// michael kors jeans// shoes-hautelook //hair in old twist out

On Sunday mornings, I want nothing to do with nothing. Then again, that goes for any morning. I am not a morning person. Although, when I am well rested enough to be up early in the A.M., it feels great. Sometimes. My goals for the morning time are to be on time (if I have somewhere to be) and/or to not kill anyone for talking to me. Especially if I or they haven’t brushed their teeth yet.


Simple outfits can feel very rewarding to me. I look presentable, I don’t look dowdy or unkempt. If I throw on some lipstick, then it looks more planned than it actually is, haha.


I’m a vocalist, so you will rarely find me without a scarf in the cooler months. I use to have quite the collection of scarves, but with the help of a few good friends and The Mission Exchange Thrift + Vintage store, I’ve been able to pare down to the essentials: leopard print, grey, red, pink, zebra print, a few fun colorful ones, and mustard. I’m going to try and find a new leopard print scarf because the one I haggled for $5 in Chinatown is getting a bit grody.


I haven’t had a pair of pointed toe flats in a while. So I was excited about these because they had a little flair going on. I’m not typically this matchy-matchy, but sometimes it just works out for the best. And…I was on time.


What’s Your Skin Type?

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Your skin type is a huge factor in choosing your skincare regimen and the type of cosmetics you use. Here is a short little quiz that will give you a more general idea as to what skin type you have.

1. Texture of your skin
a. Does not Shine
b. Is dry and sometimes slight flaking may appear
c. Shines on the nose
d. Shines all-over

2. Appearance of pores on your skin
a. Normal
b. Very fine
c. Visible
d. Very opened

3. How does your skin look like?
a. Cool, fresh, and supple
b. Thin and lacking moisture
c. Shines on the “T” zone
d. Shines and has a tendency for acne

4. How does your skin feel when touched?
a. Supple
b. Dry or very dry
c. Oily on the forehead and nose
d. Oily all over

5. How often do you have pimples?
a. Very seldom
b. Never
c. Sometimes
d. Very often

If you answered mostly a= Normal Skin
If you answered mostly b= Dry Skin
If you answered mostly c= Combination Skin
If you answered mostly d= Oily Skin

Rihanna’s At It Again

Photo: Getty Images/MAC
Photo: Getty Images/MAC

I’m sure many of you know that Rihanna is coming out with a clothing line called River Island. If you didn’t know, well, I suppose we are up to date now. If you thought that was it, she is partnered with M.A.C. to release a limited edition collection. RiRi Woo (a version of Ruby Woo), which sold out in 3 hours, is said to be restocked┬áin June. They will be sold online for $15 at So if you really want to get your hands on it, mark your calendar and purchase a few of them =)