What to Wear: When Traveling from Cold to Hot

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I recently busted out of this increasingly cold climate to go back to Jamaica for a week. Not long enough. Anyway, I thought it might be helpful for some of you, to chit chat about what to wear when you’re having to travel from a cold climate to a warm one. Things get hot or cold very quickly and one of the worst situations to be in is on a plane freezing or burn your buns off.

Travelling Clothes

Instead of wearing a cardigan, I opted for a denim button down because I knew I’d get more use out of it. Another great thing about wearing a button down or a cardigan as a jacket is that you don’t have to take it off when going through security. Pow.

If you’re traveling from hot to cold, just do everything in reverse. You may want to leave a jacket in the car (if you parked at the airport) or in the vehicle of your drop off/pick up person.

Travelling Side by Side
My fleece lined leggings were completely unnoticeable. 😉

Are you going on vacation during the autumn/winter season?


Traveling Snacks


I’ve realized on this healthy journey that the best tool is preparation. My husband and I are in North Carolina for work so I packed some snacks for the hotel. I only had a carry on so I packed a few snack items that would fit along with my thangs. Soo.. I packed cashews, dried cherries, and turkey snack sticks (kinda like a non-greasy slim jim without all of the scary stuff). What’s a road trip without candy? It may not be Paleo 10,000 but it is as healthy as you’re probably going to get with gummies (they are made with tapioca syrup).

The key to fitting all of this in your stash of stuff is to put them in baggies and then tuck them safely into your carry on. Yes, you can get through security with it. No, they won’t stop you… unless they are hungry. 

I can’t be held responsible for that =P