How To // 1 Pair of Shorts, 3 Ways


I picked up these jacquard shorts at Target a few months ago for only $19.99 because my heart couldn’t leave them in the store. Then again, I may or may not be one of those people that go to Target for mouthwash and end up in the clothing section. Either way, these shorts were coming with me. I treat these shorts more like a neutral (then again, leopard print is a neutral for me too, but to each their own…haha), so there are a ton of things that I mix and match with them. These are just a few options.

Denimshirt_polkadotshorts3Denim Shirt// H&M  Grey Tank// TJ Maxx

Denimshirt_Polkadotshorts1Pocketbook// TJ Maxx

Denimshirt_polkadotshorts4Sandals// Dolce Vita via TJ Maxx

Have you ever been the gracious recipient of a gift card from a place you have no intention of ever shopping, but now you’re stuck with a card for some hunting store, when you’d rather have a card for something useful (like some red pumps)? Then you MUST check out!


Embroidered Shirt// TJ Maxx  Necklace// Forever21  Sandals// Bucco via Hautelook

I was recently introduced to, an online marketplace where you can buy and sell gift cards. How it works is you take the gift card you received to, let’s say, a hardware store and sell it. Then, you turn around and use that cash to buy a gift card to Target, TJ Maxx, Forever21, or another store of your choosing. Easy peasy.

This is a great shopping tool because if you receive a gift card to a place that doesn’t fit you or your needs, you can turn it into something that will.


Shirt// Forever21  Necklace// Forever21  Watch// Hautelook

If you end up with 20 bucks, you can pick up an awesome piece to add to your wardrobe to maximize your options for wearing it.


Wedges// Target

For more information or to sign up, go check out I don’t get anything if you do or don’t. I’m just a bearer of the good news. And yes, there is purple in my hair.



10 Signs You Need a New Nail Salon

Nail Salon

1. Bad customer service.
If they aren’t cordial and accommodating, they don’t care about your business. If they don’t care about having your business, chances are they don’t care about you. I, personally, cannot trust someone that doesn’t care about me with cuticle nippers.

2. Unprofessional.
Once, I went to the nail salon and the nail technician asked about how much my husband and I make. Excuse me? FAIL. Another time, I went to a nail salon and the nail technician was talking on the phone. So I said “OWWWW” loudly and he got off the phone. I told him, “that didn’t completely hurt, but it could’ve been avoided if you weren’t on the phone.” FAIL.

3. You’ve never seen them clean the pedicure bowls or sanitize their station.
Every person isn’t as clean as you are. I’m not being mean, it’s just true. And some people also have fungus’ and other ailments. Or let’s say, the nail technician cut someone by accident and they bled in the pedicure bowl. You never know. Makes sure they uphold sanitary practices.

4. If they use the same stick to apply wax over and over.
Some nail salons offers waxing services as well as nail services. If you are getting waxing services, make sure that they are using a different stick to apply the wax EVERY SINGLE TIME. Seriously. EVERY. TIME. Some people bleed a little bit during a waxing service and if they are using the same stick to apply the wax, that container of wax is contaminated. If they are doing this with each client, can you imagine the amount of disgustingness in that wax container??

5. If they aren’t respecting your wishes as their paying client.
If they continue to offer you services that you’ve already declined, they are not respecting you or the decision that you’ve made for yourself as a paying client.

Nail Salon

6. They use razors on your feet.
They aren’t legally allowed to use these. Period.


7. They use an electric file on your natural nail.
Technically, they can use an electric file on your natural nails, however, it’s not suppose to be lower than a 240 grit file. And this doesn’t usually happen because the truth is, the faster they get you in and out of the chair, the more money they make. So to avoid any damage or thinning to your natural nail when using acrylic enhancements, ask them to hand file.

8. You’ve never seen them sanitize their implements.
One word: Gross.

9. They use business cards to remove your old acrylic set.
Or if they use cuticle nippers to snap them off. Wrong. They should be soaking them off with pure acetone. Period.

10. You’ve never seen them cleanse or sanitize their hands.
They clearly don’t care about sanitation. If they aren’t even cleansing their own hands, they may not be sanitizing other things properly as well.

Do you have any nail salon horror stories? Any other tips you care to share? Do tell!

I Miss You!!!

Dog Kisses
Here are some sweet kisses from Milo for you!

I promise, I’m not gone…completely. I have been doing lots of hard work and PCOS activism over at PCOS Awareness Association (PCOSAA). I was recently given the opportunity to be the Co-President and serve alongside a small group of wonderfully dedicated, brilliant, and sassy women. We are laying a lot of ground work so it has been awesomely time consuming. I have so many things to share with you. Soon. Very soon. Cross my heart.

Big love to all of yous =P

Hairstylists Be Like…

Hairstylist Meme


I never liked going to the hairstylist because I hated sitting underneath the dryer…unless she drenched the back of my shirt during the wash and I was cold. But after my shirt dried, I resumed the hate. Anyway, I just wanted to share this hilarity from Facebook with you. Happy Thursday!



This is my buddy, Erica. She let me practice my photography skills by getting some shots of her.