Hi, I’m Satoya.
I’m a first generation naturalized Jamerican.
Jamerican= Jamaican American
My loves: Hubs + Daughter + Dog
My life: music, hair, and makeup.
I love doing all sorts of projects.
I hate bugs, even butterflies and ladybugs.
I’m a PCOS Advocate.
I live according to what inspires me.


Thanks for checking out my site! If you have any booking questions or inquiries, fill out the CONTACT FORM. If you need more immediate service, email me at info@satoyafoster.com.

While you’re here, have a look around my BLOG, where I talk about fun things like beauty, hair, personal style, things that inspire me (and hopefully will inspire you too), health, and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).

To find out more about PCOS, CLICK HERE.


15 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Girlie,

    I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Sunshine and Versatile Bloggers Award! I think your work is amazing and I feel like it should be appreciated by not just me others around and amongst. Way to go! Keep up the good work! Congrats and good luck!! Here’s the link if you’d like to take a peep at the nom! http://wp.me/p3u6gq-1m and accept it!

  2. Hi! Wow I love this blog its so cool! Such a nice read and cool pics! I’m still really new at this but would love it if you’ll go check out my blog as well and maybe give it a thumbs up or follow 🙂

    1. Hey Christine! I’m partially following your blog primarily because your in South Africa haha…My besties are from South Africa and I just love everything about the country! Happy Blogging ❤

    1. No problem! I love the concept for your blog. I think that it’s important for women to love themselves and to see the beauty in who they are inwardly and outwardly, regardless of size. xx

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