Hello, Friends!

1. I’m back! Boy, it’s been crazy ’round here. But I’ve missed blogging, so, hello!

Photo Credit: Blue Cow Creative

2. I’ve finally made some headway with my decor. Hopefully I will hurry and finish some things before I change my mind again. What I do need in my life is this light fixture. I NEED THIS. Yes. Need.

Photo Credit: Shades of Light

3. I dyed my hair blue black. But a new fun color is coming very soon!

Blue Black Hair

4. I finally went to my local aquarium. Jellyfish are beautiful. Butterflies scare me. I ran through the butterfly room…hahaha…sigh.


5. I had a chance to meet a beautiful friend in person…finally. It was like we always knew each other.

Natalie and Satoya

6. Milo learned karate.

Milo doing karate

I’m so excited to be back with you all. There’s so much to talk about! ‘Till next time.



7 thoughts on “Hello, Friends!

  1. I LOVE your hair! I’m also afraid of butterflies… and I wouldn’t mess with Milo.

    Nice to hear from you 🙂 Hope all is going well!

    1. Thanks! Every time people ask me about my fear of butterflies, I tell them I don’t like bugs. Then they’re all like,”but butterflies?” And I’m all like,”It has ‘flies’ in the name, doesn’t it?” Haha, ridiculous. Milo is the most ferocious puppy looking 3 year old I’ve ever seen. Thanks for the well wishes! I hope you are doing well too!

      1. I hate when people think I’m crazy for not wanting a flying insect to land on me. I also get hounded when I tell people I don’t like dragonflies. They always say “But they eat other bugs!”. As if that makes me feel any better.

  2. Welcome back! I just wrote a post and it included a recommendation to visit the Butterfly Pavilion at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles. Next time, I will have to remember that everyone does not like butterflies. #MustBeButterflyPC 🙂

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