Living in the Moment…

Salad + Gluten Free Pasta
I forgot to take a picture of my beautiful friend, but we’re having a great time living.

…has been a motto of mine for quite sometime. It isn’t because I have perfected this idea; it’s more of a reminder for me. I had a very recent conversation where we touched briefly on community and connection. I know that social media and the internet can get a bad rep sometimes, however, it is very true that sometimes we can achieve a false sense of connection through the internet.

I have never really been good at living in the moment. When I was a kid, I suffered through very severe abuse at home so my remedy for that was to completely displace my mental state with a future moment or idea of not being in pain. Thus, me having issues with being present.

I work very hard at this idea. Being present. This is where I am. This is what I’m doing. This is who I’m with. Although I love social media and the ability to ‘connect’ with others across the globe, practicing the act of being where I am and disconnecting from the web, to connect with an actual living, breathing human being is a discipline I never hope to lose sight of.

Pictures are very important. When you ask many people what they’d take from their house if they knew their family was safe, they’d say their pictures. But at times, it’s okay if you’ve forgotten to take a picture because you were living the moment.

I hope to always bask in the beauty of writing a letter or a card, taking a walk, experiencing laughter that lives outside of an ‘LOL,’ and sharing a meal.



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