In other news…

I’ve decided that I want to start posting random thoughts, things I find interesting, and other musings in what I’m calling ‘In other news…’ because sometimes I have random things to say or share quickly. So there’s my explanation. Now, just let it happen.

1. I’ve developed a sudden interest in gold home decor. I’m in the process of planning and implementing decor in my office/studio space at home (I will share before and afters later). I don’t know why, but I just noticed the deer above the cork board frame. I actually pinned one I like earlier today.

Office Decor

Photo Credit

Office Decor

Photo Credit

Office Decor

Photo Credit

2. I hate asking myself everyday, “Self, what’s for dinner?” This is why I am trying out Emeals. More on that later.

3. This snow art dude is pretty amazing. I can’t imagine the amount of walking and planning that was necessary to get these cool patterns.

Image Source

Photo Credit

4. I have a new family member and he’s super cute. Meet Milo. If you know me, you know why his name is Milo.

Meet Milo

5. In reference to #4, he’s named after this.

Photo Credit



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