Natural Hair// Box Braids

Box Braids


Yeah, so I’m looking kinda homely…whatevzz. I was at home. Anywho, I got my hair braided a few days ago and I wanted to take a few pictures of it then but LAWD!!!! My scalp was on FIRE!!! I took a total of 2000mg of Tylenol, wailed, sobbed, and contemplated finding my braider and giving her a few choice words. I went through what I’d call ‘The Cycle of Braid Remorse’. This occurs in 6 steps:

  1. Excitement for not having to style hair for about 3 months.
  2. Frustrated from already being in the chair for 7 hours.
  3. You’re grateful to be finished.
  4. You realize you’re in terrible pain.
  5. Regret suddenly takes over and self-loathing kicks in.
  6. The braids begin to loosen up and you become grateful again.

I won’t have a lot of time to focus on my hair right now because I’ve been so busy. I got them a bit larger than I have in the past so that I will be easier to take out when I’m good and ready. I’m glad to have the break though, now that I am no longer tempted to shave these braids off of my head. And to think, I asked my braider to do it loosely?!


7 thoughts on “Natural Hair// Box Braids

  1. You look beautiful Satoya. Please don’t take this the wrong way…I’ve always loved black women’s hair. I know it’s a ton more maintenance than mine but it’s so beautiful. I love the natural curls, and the braided look. When I was yonger we always watched Family Matters and Laura Winslow had this super short style that I always loved and wanted to emulate but I knew my stringly limp hair would never pull off.

    1. Thanks! I promise, I am not taking your comment the wrong way. Plus it’s super difficult to offend me with that type of stuff anyway. =)
      I love Laura Winslow’s short style but unfortunately for me, I have a super round face and I don’t think I could ever pull it off.

      1. Oh no! That’s terrible for your scalp. My daughter wears micros and they never hurt; I tell the braided up front not to pull. I hope you are relieved by now.

      2. I told her throughout the entire process to braid loosely. I suppose that might have been loose for her? I’ve had micros before and I loved them; I hated the process of removing them though. I FINALLY have some relief. It was like torture…I thought it would never end!

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