The Joys of Shrinkage

Shrinkage Post 9:23:13

Many of us natural haired gals take issue with shrinkage. I understand the frustration that shrinkage can bring. On more than one occasion, I’m asked the question, “How long is your hair?” I’ll show them with my hand, and in disbelief, they typically reply with a “Really?” Then I typically take down a piece of my hair, stretch it out, and they are amazed. Then I say, “Shrinkage.”

When you’re a new natural that wants to surpass the TWA (teeny weeny afro) phase, shrinkage is THE single most frustrating thing in the world. But the longer that my hair has become, I’ve actually learned to appreciate shrinkage.

“Why would anyone like shrinkage? That’s dumb.”

The thing is, women ‘go natural’ for many different reasons; versatility being one of those reasons. And the truth is, shrinkage is included in the joy of natural hair versatility! Think about it. When you’ve reach your curly tresses have reached your desired length, you have the luxury of styling your hair at different lengths!

For example: You can do a regular wash & go and depending on how much shrinkage you get, you can have a cute short style.

You can do a twist/braid out on wet hair (which will come out shorter than a dry twist/braid out) and have a cute mid-length twist/braid out.

You can also take that wash & go, twist/braid out, blow out your roots for additional length.

Or you can flat iron it and rock a straight look.

It’s called a ‘Natural Hair Journey’ for a reason. With patience and TLC, your kinky/curly/coily/wavy tresses will reach your desired length goal. Until then, here’s a fun little video to keep you entertained.


8 thoughts on “The Joys of Shrinkage

  1. I love this read! I made 3 years this month being natural and I LOVED it! I try to stay weaved up as much as possible, without putting much heat on my leave-out. I must say, I LOVE my natural state, my hair is SO soft and the shrinkage IS real lol

    1. Happy Natural-versary!!! I love my natural hair too..but yes, this shrinkage is SO real! LOL I know that I’ll totally be in love once my dried curly hair is the length of my current straight length. Those will be exciting times.

  2. I enjoyed this post, I actually wouldn’t mind a bit more shrinkage, I love that it can look like a woman has a TWA but then you stretch it out and it’s halfway down her back! The versatility of natural hair is one of the best things about having natural hair especially for me as I like to change my look so often. I’ve named my hair too she is called Soleil!

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