Fushion Juicer Review







This is the juicer I’ve been using to make my green juices. I purchased this juicer at Walmart for about $120. It was worth every penny. I use to frequent Whole Foods to get their Green Goddess drinks but now I can make them at home; although I don’t frequent Whole Foods any less…haha.


The ingredients for the Green Juice are apples (I use at least 3 apples for sweetness), cucumber, kale, celery, and romaine. Sometimes I add spinach as well.

This part catches the pulp.This part does the juicing on the inside.
This part does the juicing on the inside.

IMG_1039This juicer is one of the most quiet juicers I’ve every used or seen. There is very minimal pulp in the juice after use. I know that one important part of juicing is the ease of use and cleanup. Lucky for you, this juicer is crazy easy to clean. You pull it apart and everything except for the base can go into the top rack of your dishwasher! Word of caution: Try and clean it soon after use so that the pulp left behind doesn’t dry. It’s easier to rinse it immediately and toss it into the dishwasher. You may also need a cleaning brush just to clean the blades. This barely takes about 2 minutes.




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