DIY Poetic Justice Braids


African braids are currently all the rave. 1 in 5 women are wearing their hair in an african braided hair bun. These statistics have not been verified. Haha. But seriously, I use to get my hair braided ALL THE TIME. Then, there was a point in life where I didn’t want to sit for 9-16 hours (seriously) or pay upwards of $150 to get my hair braided. I learned how to do it myself but what ended up happening was that I would braid the entire perimeter of my head, and then pony tail it to finish the center the next day. I would never get to the center.

Some of you may have the patients and follow through to do it yourself but aren’t sure how. So, I wanted to share this video that gives pretty clear instructions on how to plait with extensions. I hope this is helpful and if you get a chance to get all Poetic Justice on me, please share =).


3 thoughts on “DIY Poetic Justice Braids

  1. LOL. Those statistics sound about right.

    I just finished my braids last week. I rocked the perimeter braided/inside unfinished for a couple of days, just because I didn’t want to finish it. 🙂

    1. I’m getting the braid itch. I thought this would never happen to me again…but I’m tired of dealing with my hair right now and I want a change. I’ll probably end up getting it braided or doing the perimeter and never finishing it…haha.

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