30 Days Strict Paleo


For the next 30 days, J and I are going to be eating a strict Paleo diet. We are currently on Day 8. Ha! As I’m typing this, I just realized that I thought I was on Day 5. I guess I’m doing a lot better than I thought.


One of my vices is having fruit snacks. The fruit snacks I love are the cheap ones that say Dinosaurs or Sharks on the box. It’s the store brand from the supermarket that costs anywhere from $1-$2. On my last day before 30 Strict Palo was going to start, I may or may not have purchase 4 boxes. Surprisingly enough, I didn’t finish them. I also have no desire to eat them right now. I did have a desire to eat some tater tots the other day, but I abstained.

So, 30 Day Paleo is underway. I won’t be updating how it’s going every single day, but I will continue to post different meals I’ve eaten, recipes, or recipes I’m trying so I can stay motivated and maybe re-inspire myself or others along the way.


2 thoughts on “30 Days Strict Paleo

    1. Thanks…I’m almost half way through so I think I’ll be able to hold out until the 30th day…but day 31….wooooooo….lol. Day 31 is my birthday so I’m going in.

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