Live Fit Phase 1, Day 2


My plan was to workout once I wake up in the morning. That didn’t work yesterday. However, I made sure I got my workout in before I went to bed. In order to change, I have to be committed to this, and committed to myself.

It’s funny how we tend to go out of the way for others but won’t quickly do the same for ourselves. Through this journey of self-love and self-care, I’m learning how true it is that I have to love and care for me in the same way that I love and care for others. No wonder why airlines say, “…should that cabin lose pressure, please apply the mask to yourself before assisting others.”



Yesterday was back and biceps, and boooyyyy did I feel it. I’m still sore from Day One! At least I know that I’m doing something right. After my workout, I ate half of a banana and drank some water. I must say, I’m feeling pretty accomplished.



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