New Natural Hair Products…

New Natural Hair Products...

… new for me, not for some.

41nIt8znKBL._SY355_I have been using the Shea Moisture Restorative Conditioner as my cowash (conditioner wash) and leave-in conditioner but then, I had a LOT of issues with the packaging. I had to keep knocking the bottle around to get any product to come out of the pump. That got old very fast.

I was already trying to decide if I wanted to invest in the largest bottle of Oyin Hair Dew I could find or the Shea Moisture stuff, but after having to physically abuse the bottle to get product out, Oyin won.

II wanted to try a few other products as well so I ordered Greg Juice and Burnt Sugar Pomade too. I tried it once I achieved an  amazing twist out. It fluffed out a little bit throughout the day but not very much. I think that may have been because 2 these products don’t have glycerin in them and many times, natural products are layered over each other with multiple products containing glycerin… but this is just a theory.

Anyway, I’ll be using these products consistently for a bit before giving you a proper review.

Happy Hair!



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