Tired of Bacon & Eggs


Who always has time or energy to think of elaborate dishes and such? Sometimes I do. Sometimes, after seeing an amazing picture of somebody’s grub on Instagram or Pinterest is enough to spark a food flame underneath me. Other times, I’m with Sug. If you read my previous post, “Good Eats”  which can be found here, you might have noticed that two of the meals are pretty much identical. If you don’t have time to click over and take a gander, the meals I referring to are these:

Both of these dishes are quite literally the same, however, the presentation is different. I think this is important to note because when monotony sets in, it’s helpful to remember that if you can change the presentation of your food, you can move past the boredom faster. The reason I’m even mentioning this is because I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one on the planet that gets plagued by boredom very easily.

Whether you are bored of breakfast, lunch, or dinner; try plating your food in different ways to glide past the boredom of bacon and eggs.

Who could ever get tired of bacon though.



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