This blog post isn’t for those that are strictly Paleo or die. One thing I have learned in life is that idealism can be a little unhealthy. For some, if things aren’t perfectly perfect, they may fall apart, feel guilty, or become bogged down with shame. This is why in my journey of health and wellness, I’ve learned to make concessions. 

There are times when I just want a friggin soda. This doesn’t happen often, but when it does, what do I do? I get a friggin soda. However, my choice of soda is different than what it would have been. Rather than grabbing a diet coke (which I prefer more than regular coke) or something of the sort, I get an Izze or one of those sodas that uses stevia rather than aspartame.

Pre-paleo, gummi bears were my thing…more specifically Haribo gummis. Instead of reaching for those, I use a healthier alternative that is made from tapioca syrup instead of corn syrup. They actually taste more like Sunkist Fruit Gems (but I like those too).

What am I saying here? I am not saying that you should indulge every craving or pining after a particular taste for something. I equally believe that there is great value in delaying gratification, patience, and self-control. I am saying that if you want to have something occasionally that isn’t strictly Paleo, find a healthier alternative and go for it! Don’t eat the entire container though. Eat 1 serving (slowly) and enjoy it.

Moderation is key.



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