If you absolutely must eat pizza…



Eat this. It is delicious! I had a craving for some pizza and I knew that hitting up my favorite pizza place from my past life was completely out of the question. So, one day, while I was perusing through my local health food store, I bumped into this tasty specimen. I must admit, I had my doubts. I literally said “I’m buying this although I’m pretty sure it will taste like crap” aloud. Surprise, surprise. It didn’t taste like crap. 

The ingredients are tapioca starch, mozzarella cheese, eggs, tomato paste (vine-ripened fresh tomatoes, and naturally derived citric acid), parmesan cheese, canola oil, cheddar cheese, and water.

For more information on Against the Grain products, you can check them out here.

So depending on your Paleoism, the dairy in it may or may not be for you. Also, canola oil is Paleo either. If you try it, let me know how you like!

I figure, I’m eating much better than many people, so I can make certain concessions here or there sometimes.

I’m not eating a double cheeseburger with no mustard from McDonalds.

Don’t judge me.



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