No Bean Chili Dog



This is my husbands plate….made by me of course…haha. But for dinner the other night, we had no bean chili dogs. My husbands was a no bean chili cheese dog. I must say, it was YUMMY! He like to have foods that are quick to make so I try to keep hot dogs in the fridge for him. The hot dogs we use are nitrate free from Whole Foods. It costs about the same price as popular brands like Ballpark.

I made the chili from scratch. It was very simple. Grass fed ground beef, crushed tomatoes, cayenne pepper, chili pepper, salt, pepper, cumin, onions, garlic, and a little italian seasoning. I cooked the onions half way, put them in a separate bowl (so it wouldn’t burn while half way cooking the meat), then cooked the meat half way. Next, I added everything else and put the onions back in the mix . Cook until ready.

Easy peasy.



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