Paleo Tacos


I’ve never been to really eat tacos but there are scrumptious. (I’ll add the picture later when I get it off of my husbands phone). [DONE]. They are super simple to make. The ingredients are:

-iceberg lettuce

-ground beef/chicken/fish


-avocado or guacamole

-tomatos and/or onions

-taco seasoning

-cheese and/or sour cream (if you eat dairy which is a Paleo “ok”)

This is what you do…

1. Cook your meat with the taco seasoning.

2. Karate chop your tomatoes and avocado and/or onions (if you want those as taco fillers).

3. Take some leaves off of your iceberg lettuce head.

4. Pile everything on.

5. Enjoy

It’s super yummy and you don’t even miss a shell!

You’ll need a paper towel…trust me.



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