Hold the rice…


Every time that i’ve said this while ordering sushi I’ve gotten laughs, eyes of confusion, and even scowls. I understand that to a person whose culture is permeated with rice, it is sacrilegious to order sushi without rice. That is absolutely unheard of. Without showing any disrespect, I say “too bad, so sad.” No disrespect to anyone’s culture or upbringing but I’m going to have to insist on this California roll without rice.

Remember, you are taking your health into your own hands. Don’t be timid or bullied about what you will or will not eat. What ever goes into your body is your choice. If at all possible, be kind while trying to explain what you need as clearly as you can. If you are having further difficulty, get a manager involved. Most importantly, advocate for yourself. Some people may find it obnoxious but that’s too bad. It’s not to say that we need to go and offend people on purpose, but what happens to your body based on what you put in your mouth is your choice.

Make decisions well.

Don’t chew what you don’t want to.



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