Hello Aunty!

*Word of caution to all male species: This particular post will be a lot of “lady” talk so if you aren’t up to it, you should probably skip this one. xo


By now, I think you all know that I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. One of the symptoms of this diagnosis is amenorrhea (absent menstrual cycle). For the last few months, I have been taking Metformin to regulate my hormones, which should in turn, regulate my cycle. The last cycle I had was in September and honestly, I could barely even call it a cycle. I practically just spotted for 5-6 days. So, yesterday, I called my OB freaking out because nothing is happening so she told me to come in today. Hours later, after I made the appointment and their office was closed, guess who came for a visit? Aunt Flo! And boy, did she come with bells and whistles on!

I haven’t had a period without birth control, progesterone, or aygestin since I was about 19 years old! Honestly, I think that I can contribute this success to a few different things.

1. Paleo Lifestyle

Since I began living more like a caveman, my body has been functioning better than ever! I’ve lost 21 lbs, I have more energy, and I don’t crave sugar in the same way that I did prior.

2. Metformin

Metformin is typical prescribed to diabetics, but because insulin resistance is a typical symptoms of PCOS, it is prescribed for that as well. It is suppose to help regulate the insulin levels so that PCOSers can actually lose the weight when they try to and to help restore normal hormonal functioning.

3. Vitamin B12

Metformin actually interferes with the absorption of B12 causing deficiency so I began taking this supplement.

4. Vitamin D

Women with PCOS typically have Vitamin D deficiency.

If you are reading this and you have PCOS, please know that there is more than just hope. I know that there isn’t a lot of information and many doctors may not be knowledgable about it. But, you have to realize that you have to be the ambassador for yourself. You need to advocate for your health. The internet is a wonderful tool. Search for all you can about PCOS. Take research papers and articles to your doctor and talk about it. No one can take care of your health for you. I know and understand the frustrations first hand but you can’t let it overcome you.

You overcome it.



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