But I’m Hungry!!!!

But I'm Hungry!!!!

This question goes out to all of my paleo-ists out there. What do eat when you run into those moments when you are insanely hungry but you haven’t gone to the supermarket, all the meat in your house is frozen, and did I mention you are ravaging your entire kitchen to ease the hunger monster inside of you?


2 thoughts on “But I’m Hungry!!!!

  1. Deep breath….there are two options here, cook for yourself or order takeout put some meat in a bowl of hot water to thaw quickly. Fish and ground beef thaw pretty fast. If you are feeling lazy and hungry at the same time order something. There is a peruvian chicken place by my house, and you can get a whole char-broiled rotissere chicken for about 14 bucks with 2 sides. Sashimi is also a great lazy but hungry go to meal. There is a website called Eat24 that will show you all of the places that deliver in your area

    1. AHHHH….Thank you so much! I ended up just eating eggs…that’s all I had lol. I did go to Whole Foods today but this meatless mistake can never happen again. I’ve never heard of Eat24. Thanks for the heads up!

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