Kicked by a Hypothetical Mule

That’s what I feel like. What I forgot to add in my post yesterday was that while I was pop lockin’ droppin’ it because of the food I was getting ready to eat, I told myself that I needed to earn it by taking the stairs instead of the elevator in the hotel we stayed in. That may not sound like a task, but we were on floor 23 (insert side eye). That seemed like a really good idea at the moment; now I feel like I was trampled and kicked by a noble steed.

Today, I ate ackee and salfish. Sorry there isn’t a picture. My husband and I had to eat quickly before our meter was up. Ackee is a fruit, and salfish is the same thing as salt fish or codfish. It was Yum. Dinner tonight was Brinner. I made those wonderful pancakes I posted earlier with chicken sausage (which was throw in last minute).

I’m going to go and relax. Hopefully the soreness will go away. Soon.



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