Forgive my transgressions…

Oxtail, Rice and Peas, Steamed Cabbage
Oxtail, Rice and Peas, Steamed Cabbage
Curry Goat, White Rice, Plantain
Curry Goat, White Rice, Plantain

I have a confession to make…ready? Ok, I had rice. I know I know I know…it’s not Paleo. I was very aware of what I was doing. I’m not going to justify my decision though. Maybe a  little justification. You see, I’m a first generation Jamaican American child. My husband and I went to Atlanta for a short vacation and since we don’t have any restaurants, we indulged. I will say, I feel horrible. Not because I ate it, but because I think I’ve been eating so well for a while and haven’t had rice in at least a month…but boy was it DELISH! We shared oxtail, rice and peas, curry goat, white rice, plantain, and steam cabbage. (Don’t get me wrong, I can cook but sometimes you just need a good spot to grub). Woohoo….late thanksgiving for us. I didn’t OD (overdose, over do- whichever tickles your fancy) on Thanksgiving, partially because I didn’t have JA food to indulge completely.

Since I had my indiscretion today, I realized how beneficial this Paleo lifestyle has been for me. I haven’t felt a “stomach ache” in a really long time. I also have had more energy, and I’ve been losing weight. Before our little vaca, I just went into the 160’s. Ha…not after how I ate today.

One very important things though, after any indiscretion, don’t feel like when you fall off the wagon, you have to go all out. Eat right and living a healthy life is determined by EACH choice you make. Had a cookie? Oops. Next choice, have a salad and some grilled chicken. That easy. Part of loving yourself is giving yourself the grace to get back on it.



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