Black Friday or Greed Thursday?

We’ve all probably done it or thought about doing it… Black Friday shopping. I’ve been one time in my entire life. However, nowadays, Black Friday shopping isn’t actually on Friday anymore. Many popular retailers are now starting the infamous Black Friday shopping on Thursday…Thanksgiving Day. At what point will our western culture decide that enough is enough? Why is it that right after we give thanks for everything we have, we have to rush out merely hours after our bellies are filled, to get more stuff? I’m not saying that I’m against have nice things, but what I am saying is, couldn’t it wait until…Friday?

There are so many families that aren’t able to spend the holiday together because they have to cater to our greed and watch us like children so we don’t murder each other over a doll or gaming console. I think we all remember the story about a Walmart worker losing his life by being trampled over by a bunch of greedy hooligans. I hope that this doesn’t happen again.

Let’s just take the time to be truly thankful for all that we already have, not just the material things, but the intangible things like love, joy, peace. Let’s also be thankful that although some of us don’t have fancy things, we have a roof over our heads and food to eat (even if it is Ramen Noodles).

Live in constant gratitude.

Happy Thanksgiving.



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